Our Approach

‘We approach things differently’

It would be a stretch of anyone’s imagination to describe us as a ‘fun’ profession. However, we do not believe that we need to live up to the ‘dull’ image with which, in the past, we have been labelled.

We do not want to work for our Clients, but rather to work with them as a partner who can add value.

To achieve this we assemble a team of individuals who are allocated to each Client. From this relationship flows involvement, continuity and approachability. In this way the more ‘exciting’ parts of the business and financial life of Clients can be planned and achieved.

We provide all of the services expected from a firm of Chartered Accountants, in an efficient and professional manner. These are the ‘dull’ parts of what we do, but are necessary for any person, family and business.

Most Clients start their business lives in a small way, and over time, grow into substantial enterprises. There are both business and personal challenges along the way, but by having a close relationship we can identify and avoid the pitfalls, and offer the advice needed to turn ambition into reality.

We train our key people within our own business. In this way we have developed a wealth of knowledge which is created from an essential blend of experience and the text book.

We do not believe that any one ‘Accountant’ can claim to be ‘expert’ in all things financial. Our method of developing our own senior staff, creates individuals who can be described as financial ‘GPs’, with in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing today’s businesses and entrepreneurs. For the occasions where we need specialist advice we have built a unique network of National and International Accountants, Tax Specialists and Lawyers, who’s services we can call upon to assist with every challenge.

We are passionate about the quality of our services and the way we communicate with, inform and guide our clients.

If we are asked a question our aim is to provide a definitive answer.

The way we do this – ‘is different’